The Creation of a Wonder Garden

Botanical garden
Cactuses and other succulents will take a prominent place in Jardin Maravillas, both for their surrealistic beauty and for their suitability in the local climate and landscape. But not only succulents, a large variety of plants will find their home in our garden, divided in areas such as: a tropical area, a desert area and an area for medicinal plants. One area will also be set aside for indigenous plants, re-creating a piece of local nature as it originally was. Designing and planting is in the hands of our botanical expert and philosopher Karel, who will be supported by a specialist from the field of permaculture, natural farming and bio-construction. Our expectation is that within three years Jardin Maravillas will grow into a mature garden, ready to open its gates to the public.

maravillas jardin

Garden centre
The garden centre will be ready to open soon, within a few months. Plants, cuttings and seeds will be available, as well as artisanal garden materials and decoration, and information and literature on permaculture and organic gardening. The garden centre will show our affection and passion towards plants and the earth. Visitors can be sure our plants are grown in harmony with the environment.

We believe human nature is not separate from nature as a whole. Therefore art, as an expression of human nature, will be part of the garden´s identity from the beginning. Our art connoisseur, herself a stone carver, will invite artists not only to exhibit their artwork, but also to create sculptures on the spot. This will be a unique opportunity for visitors to witness the process of creation and it will allow the artwork to “grow in harmony with the environment”, just like our plants. In a sense, Nature herself is the most skilful artist, creating shapes and colours in stones, plants, clouds and landscapes that never cease to intrigue and inspire us. As we wander through the garden, the chemistry between Nature and art will challenge us to look in a different way; to look not only with our eyes, but with our whole nature and being.


Tea garden
Snacks and drinks will be offered in a tea garden, where visitors will find a pleasant place to rest among herbs and fruit trees. Everything on our modest menu will be home-made and fresh, including products from the garden where possible. In return, people will be asked to make a donation.


On request we can also host parties, events and workshops. Both our art connoisseur and botany-expert are teachers so we would also like to invite groups and school classes for sharing our knowledge about art and botany.