Help Karel Succeed

Jardin Maravillas needs your helpKarel, a young Dutch philosopher and botanist who always dreamed to be a self-supporting has started to build an unique botanical garden in the north-east of Spain where he is going to combine Art with Nature. He calls the project “Jardin Maravillas” which literally means “Wonderland”, and that it will be.

Leaving everything behind

4 months ago Karel left his apartment in Madrid, quit his job and headed for Garriguella, a traditional Catalan village in the north-east of Spain where locals live from making wine and olive oil. 5 minutes from that place, in the local wildness, Karel found a big piece of land, almost 3 acres, where he was given the opportunity to start realizing his dream.

living off the grid

He now lives in a small wooden cabin completely of the grid without anything accept a gasoline driven pump to get water from the ground.
A few months ago Karel posted an advertisement on a website where so called Woofers search for a place to work. WWOOF is an exchange – In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles. Within just a few days a dozen of volunteers from all over the world had responded to his call. Everybody loved his idea, basic life-style and wanted to help him.

Extra Hands

Soon the first Woofers arrived.
They were a big help and it was a great experience for them to live completely off the grid, however, their stay would had been much more convenient if Karel could had offered them their own cabin and at least a warm shower.
Winter is coming…. the project continues but most of the volunteers are not prepared for the circumstances. With heating, better accommodations and sufficient food we would be able to offer better circumstances for people who could lend their hand for building on our mutual dream.

Karel needs building material

If Karel could buy material to build 4 cabins he could invite Woofers that are willing to help him to build these huts, to give them the accommodation they need, to lend the hands and company he needs.
The cabins that Karel would like to build exist mainly from materials as stone, clay and sand from his land but the material he needs to make the roofs, doors and windows must be bought and that’s why he needs asks for help…

Help Karel Succeed

Even a very small contribution could Kick Start his beautiful project.
To make a contribution please continue by clicking on the Paypal button or make a bank transfer using the details below.

help needed

Bank Details
Titular de la cuenta: K. De Jongh, Maravillas
Número de cuenta: 1491 0001 21 2034408217

International Transfers
IBAN: ES3514910001212034408217

P.s. The names of all Supporters will be mentioned on the Wall of his future Tea House.